Founded in 1955 and headquartered in Winston-Salem, NC, Cook & Boardman ("C&B") is the Southeast’s premier provider of architectural hardware, doors, door frames and building specialties for commercial applications. Our market area is primarily the Carolinas, which we serve through locations in Charlotte and Winston-Salem, NC, and Greenville, Columbia, & Charleston, SC. Cook & Boardman has distribution relationships with all the major manufacturers serving the door & hardware industry, and over the years our products and services have grown to include electronic access control, building specialty lines such as washroom accessories, toilet compartments, lockers or other specialties plus installation of all the products we sell. We frequently partner with owners and architects to develop specifications delivering attractive, efficient designs that provide solutions for life safety and security needs that are so critical in today's building environment. Since beginning operations more than 60 years ago, C&B has enjoyed a superior customer service reputation.

Today, Cook & Boardman's primary customers are general contractors engineering and commercial building owners with a wide variety of needs ranging from small renovations or repairs to the very largest institutional building projects. The project portfolio on this website illustrates some of the typical jobs we have completed. While our principal market is the Carolinas, we also operate in other states as we follow many of our good customers to their jobsites along the eastern seaboard and beyond. The key to our stability and success is C&B's large number of experienced door and hardware professionals, many of whom hold the AHC credential. In an industry where architectural details can become quite complex, our professionals are critical to providing exceptional customer service capabilities and focus. 

Cook & Boardman’s cornerstone is its strong commitment to our Core Values. We believe in:

  • Integrity
  • Mutual respect, trust and empathy
  • Excellence through continuous improvement and lifetime learning
  • Individual professional fulfillment through superior teamwork
  • Shared focus on profitable growth

Cook & Boardman is dedicated to providing a consistently superior total value experience on each job for each customer….every day, we are Building On Our Reputation.

We are an equal opportunity employer and support diversity among our teammates. We are committed to building a strong learning culture and an enjoyable workplace. 

The Cook & Boardman vision is to create the finest company in the commercial door and hardware industry with respect to all of our stakeholders…our customers, employee teammates, shareholders, suppliers, service providers, industry associates and communities we serve.

Our vision is the foundation for our mission to always be customer driven, anticipate, carefully listen to, and quickly respond to evolving customer needs. As a company we attract, develop, strongly support, and properly recognize and reward the finest professionals in our industry. Create a safe, caring, enthusiastic, enjoyable corporate environment with timely, open communications in all directions to ensure our employee teammates succeed professionally. Cook & Boardman truly partners with and constantly provides superior value for all of our stakeholders.

Cook & Boardman’s corporate goals and operational measurements are not just financial. These goals are designed on a balanced scorecard basis to optimize value and quality to all involved.  We are committed to providing a consistently superior total value experience for every customer. We’ve built upon a great name for over sixty years and the service we provide our customer today is fully intended to strengthen our reputation tomorrow. Cook & Boardman is driven to “building on our reputation.”