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Commercial Doors and Frames

There are several considerations needed for proper selection of commercial doors and frames. For most applications, these include life safety, emergency egress, loss prevention and security for building occupants. Each of these factors are important and should be examined to make sure that your openings perform as intended. Commercial doors typically cycle hundreds of times per day and are subject to moisture, temperature extremes and other environmental factors. The doors and frames represented by The Cook & Boardman Group are designed to take these factors into consideration.

Commercial Door Frames

We offer commercial door frames made from steel. Steel is very strong, and in its unaltered state, can withstand significant natural and man-made abuse. Properly installed and maintained hollow metal doors often last 30 years or longer. When repairs are necessary, they typically occur in the field at relatively low cost. Steel doors have a low total cost of ownership compared to other door materials. Our site offers Commercial Hollow Metal Doors provided by two Manufacturers: Curries – Industry leading manufacturer offering heavy duty doors that are suitable for all types of Commercial and Institutional applications like: schools, hospitals, governmental, sports and hospitality.