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Minimize Bacteria with Healthy Hardware™

The door handle of a public facility can be touched several thousand times a day. That is thousands of opportunities to transfer bacteria and infectious diseases. In hospitals alone, there are over 103,000 Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) reported every year! During these uncertain times, we wanted to remind you of Trimco’s Healthy Hardware™ line.

Trimco can help minimize infectious bacteria* through the Healthy Hardware™ portfolio of products made with CuVerro® bactericidal copper alloy surfaces.

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Benefits of using Trimco’s Healthy Hardware™:

  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria in two hours.
  • Not a coating and won’t wear off! Will continue to kill bacteria for the lifetime of the product.
  • Looks like stainless steel to match other hardware products.
  • Wide range of hardware and touch surfaces available.
  • Made in America.
  • “Green” product comprised of pre and post-consumer recycled materials.

This product line is the perfect application for the education, healthcare, hospitality and public sectors. Interested in learning more? Want a quote for your next project? Contact your local branch today!


*The use of a Copper Alloy surface is a supplement to and not a substitute for standard infection control practices; users must continue to follow all current infection control practices, including those practices related to cleaning and disinfection of environmental surfaces. The Copper Alloy surface material has been shown to reduce microbial contamination, but it does not necessarily prevent cross-contamination